About Anthea

Anthea Page is a 48 year old mother of three  (girl, 20, boy, 19, boy, 16) who moved to Houston, Texas, from the green hills of Derbyshire, England, in 2012, because of her husband’s job. So, she was – in the ego busting terminology of the ex-pat world – a ‘trailing spouse’.  This blog used to be mainly about coming to terms with, having a laugh about, and the trials of adjusting  to, such an apparently lowly, role-less status after managing to hold down a full-time career in a field that was fairly worthy, at a level that was quite responsible, for a salary that wasn’t so bad, and in a job that was fun and interesting. Nowadays, back in the UK and no longer trailing, it’s about the ebb and flow of slotting into life at home once more. IMG_0194

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